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Email Course (1) The Start to Understanding Internet
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We live on the web.
We work on the web.
We love the web (on most days, at least).
So it makes sense that we should know how the web works, right?
Of course, we do! We're developers, after all.
We've worked on dozens, if not hundreds, of websites.
So when you type the URL for one of them into your browser's address bar, you know exactly how the website you built and deployed makes it back to your screen, right?
I didn't.
Years into my career as a frontend developer, I didn't truly understand many fundamentals of how the web works.
Perhaps you're a bit ahead of where I was. You know that a URL is a human-readable alias for an address to a specific location on a network.
You know that entering the URL into your browser's address bar sends a request for the website you want to see to said network.
You know that the network validates the request and, if everything checks out, responds with the content you asked for by typing the URL.
What happens is a long journey, a series of connecting flights to various destinations, where each stop provides more context for the next leg of the trip.
Understanding the critical components of how the internet works are just the start to becoming proficient with backend development.
In the next lesson, we'll cover IP Addresses & Protocols.
When a user enters a URL into the address bar, a signal is sent... somewhere.
Your task is to take a minute or two and consider where the request makes its first stop on its journey to deliver a webpage.
Got some ideas? Write them down here. I'll read every one of these responses!
Answer and Cement Your Knowledge
PS: You can expect to have the next lesson tomorrow in your Inbox, but if you can't wait until tomorrow, you'll always receive the next one whenever you complete the challenges.