Backend for Frontend Devs

An interactive course designed to help JavaScript developers become proficient with backend development.

For a lot of frontend developers, the back of the stack feels like a black box—a mysterious, and often scary discipline.

But if your goal is to be a well-rounded engineer, you’ll need a comprehensive understanding of what is happening on the server and in your databases.

If you want to claim the elusive title of full-stack developer and climb higher up the engineering career ladder, this message is for you.

To be proficient in backend development, you need to understand:

  • How the web actually works
    • DNS and domains
    • Request/Response models
    • HTTP
    • Headers
    • Basics of caching
  • How to architect servers
    • Languages/flavors
    • Server setup
    • Server security
    • Application setup
  • How to build databases with design principles in mind
    • Relational vs. NoSQL
    • Compare various DBMSs
    • Self-hosting vs. DB as a service
    • Scaling
    • ORMs
  • How to build APIs from scratch
    • Endpoints
    • Design principles
    • Authentication basics
    • REST vs GraphQL

And so much more...

This may seem like a lot, and trying to go it alone can feel overwhelming.

The good news?

I’m building Front to Back, an interactive course designed to help JavaScript developers become proficient with backend development.

If you want to deeply learn the back of the stack with a practical, real-world approach, sign up below for exclusive content, and be the first to catch updates on the course.

Hope to see you soon!

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Becoming proficient with backend development is a game-changer. All of the sudden, that black box of knowledge on the server is unlocked.

Whether you want to architect full-stack applications on your own, provide more value across engineering teams, or simply move faster with your work—I want to help get you there.

Now let's get to work.

Chance Strickland

Hi! I'm Chance, and I will be your Front to Back instructor.

I am a software engineer building Remix and the maintainer of Reach UI. I've also taught hundreds of developers how to build better full-stack React apps with React Training.